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Teen Girl Reunited with her Biological Family

Vicky, the oldest of seven children, is 14 years old. Her father is not alive and her mother and the children have been living in extreme poverty. None of the children have been able to attend school. Vicky reached the point where challenges at home were such that she turned to life on the street. After a long time residing at Kimbilio, our reintegration team just succeeded in returning Vicky to her birth family. In the fall, Kimbilio will cover her tuition to attend our primary school, and our hope is to have her mother attending our sewing school to create a way for her to earn a living and alleviate some of the poverty faced by the family. Pictured are Vicky and her mother, and our reintegration team at work. #streetchildren #homelessness #reintegration #drcongo #lubumbashi

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