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Meet the Kimbilio Leadership Team!

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Kimbilio is a registered charity in the DR Congo. Working in partnership with Congo Children Trust, we have a strong, local, woman-led leadership team. Kimbilio employs more than 30 social workers, carers and other staff at our outreach center, residences, and vocational schools, and more than 20 administrators, teachers and support staff at our primary school.


Pictured above is the Kimbilio leadership team:

  • (Left) Pastor Clement Beya, Head of Finance

  • (Center) Carine Bahati Nono, Kimbilio Director

  • (Right) Rodrigue Katina, Administrator


Pictured below is the Kimbilio Primary School leadership team:

Primary School Team.jpg
kimbilio logo

Meet our Director, Carine Bahati. 

Carine is responsible for overseeing all of Kimbilio’s operations.  She grew up in Lubumbashi, got a State Diploma in general nursing, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Health Service Management at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe.


Prior to working at Kimbilio, Carine worked in health care as a hospital administrator at Marange hospital in Zimbabwe; a volunteer in mission at Fairfield orphanage in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe; a general nurse at Gambela clinic in Lubumbashi; and an Administrative Assistant at the Academy for English Education in Lubumbashi.


She started as a girls program manager at Kimbilio, taking on new responsibilities over time. She became Kimbilio's Director during the pandemic, when we lost our long-time General Manager to COVID, and Carine deserves a great deal of credit for having kept Kimbilio on a good course during a very difficult time.


Carine speaks English and French fluently, in addition to the local spoken Swahili. She is a visionary for Kimbilio, as well as a strong general manager. Helping children find happiness is her passion. 


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